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Salomon Armel    Secundina Ocampo                            Carlos Arenas          Rosario Angel

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 My Father & Mother

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   Gildardo Armel           Valentina Arenas         Gildardo Armel   


         Fernando & Rhonda Armel                 



My Son  from my second  marriage  

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 Andres Miguel  Armel Suarez


My children and Granddaughter  from my first marriage

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     Gina Maria Armel   <>      Felipe Arturo Puerta                       Carolina Armel             

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                                            Valentina Carolina Armel    Daniel Felipe Puerta Armel                                                                                              


Brothers & Sister

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                                  Ariel Armel               Fernando Armel              Lalo Armel       Doris & my Mother Valentina

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