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          Art Supply List

                        2 Wide- Mouthed Jars With Lids

A Roll of Paper Towels or an old cotton shirt

A Pallet- Preferably disposable palette paper

Odorless Turpentine or Mineral Spirits (Only)

                    Artists Linseed Oil

A Range of Filbert Natural Bristle Brushes FLAT AND ROUND

A Range of Sable Brushes FLAT AND ROUND

3- Fan Brushes- Small, Medium, large

3 Liner Brush  1" long --- 000 - 1- 3

Stretched Canvases

Piece of clouth (Trapito)


            Cadmium Yellow Light             Alizarin Crimson

                        Yellow Ochre                              Sap Green

Burt Sienna                                 Thalo Blue

     Burt Umber                                  Prussian Blue

Cadmium Red Light                  Cobalt Blue

      Violet Deep                                  Titanium White

French Vermillion                       Ivory Black  


Drawing Materials


    3 Charcoal paper pencils (Hard, medium and soft)

1 White pencil

1 Paper or wood pencil eraser

1 Gome eraser

1 Sharping knife

      1 box for charcoal powder

1 old cotton shirt  (Trapito)

      1 sketching book  100 Lb (  9"x12") or (11" x 14")

      1 Easel






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